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We make science fact as cool as science fiction.

Megafonzie is the world's first lifestyle-oriented science network. Our mission is to obliterate the nerd stigma and make science cool, approachable, and inclusive for all people and lifestyles. Learn more.

a preview of a few of our original shows

Reality TV is filled with psychology. Our shows expose anthropology.

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Broad Spectrum

Hosted by Amy Shira Teitel

Two broads talking about a broad spectrum of women's issues and innovations in science.


Megafonzie News

Hosted by Geoff Notkin

The coolest science innovations and discoveries from around the universe.

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Higher Education

Hosted by Eric Logan

Portland-based cannabis investor and Stage IV cancer patient educates as he medicates.

We are rebranding science.

No unnecessary beakers or lab coats. No zany stunts. No dumbed down language. No esoteric pomposity. Just factual and actual entertainment with science tidbits and curricula integrated into the show. That's Smart Entertainment.

Smart Entertainment

Engaging factual programming and films that won't put you to sleep.

Real-Time Science

The coolest stuff happening in the universe as it's happening.

Integrated Lessons

Taught by leading subject matter experts from around the world.

Journal Publishing

An all-in-one solution for ending the scientific journal publishing monopoly. 

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