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Think of us like a 90s MTV for Science.

Megafonzie is the world’s first science lifestyle network. A purpose-driven, multi-platform science experience for everyone, not just dorks and nerds.

Our studio aims to be the world’s leading producer and provider of science edutainment, expert-led STEM education, and factual sci-fi entertainment. We are developing thousands of hours of content with an anything-goes slate of films, live, news, and original programming, and interactive science experiences that feature subject matter experts from NASA, academia, music, advertising, tech, your favorite brands, and celebrities with (real) science backgrounds.

We fill science with sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll. You know, for science!

A never-before-seen unity of real science and entertainment. From the psychology of mascots like our own Kelvin Megafonzie to a Broad Spectrum of women’s issues and innovations in science, our unique mix of Smart Entertainment thrives in the mainstream.

Edutainment for every level of curiosity.


Science isn't just for nerds.

Half of all U.S. high school seniors want to pursue a career in some branch of STEM. But then they leave the world of fun dissections and experiments only to find a landscape that’s dominated by boring, lab-coat-wearing, beaker-wielding, dorky old men.

We’re talking about over 1 million American young adults per year who want to dedicate their lives to science, technology, engineering, or math. But only a quarter of them will go on to complete a STEM associate’s degree, and half of them will drop out or switch majors before getting a bachelor’s degree.

We keep everyone excited about (real) science.

We are building the new, inclusive science culture by presenting science in ways everyone can enjoy with diverse voices everyone can relate to. Say farewell to cliche science guys. Their time's up.

Amy Shira Teitel, Spaceflight Historian and Editor-at-Large
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Founded by a different kind of science guy.

Merrick is a mononymous, award-winning creative strategist, digital media pioneer, and entrepreneur.

Merrick began his career in the early-1990s as a hacker, animator, and 3D modeler, but cut his teeth at the then-nascent Macromedia Flash. He was a teenager. In high school. And college. While also advising the board of the Association of Illinois High Schools. And, yet, self-taught.

Gaining notoriety for his use of Flash, Merrick dropped out of college and was recruited into the world of advertising as the youngest employee at marchFIRST where he led two company-wide initiatives: the company's education portal, and a project management platform he created. A year later, at just 20 years old, during marchFIRST's the dot com crash, he founded his own agency, Tangible Worldwide.

“The fastest way to climb a ladder is to knock it over.” — Merrick

Merrick's fingerprints can be found on everything from Budweiser’s first website to Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty to what is now Google Analytics. Over his illustrious advertising career, his work earned a number of id reminders including Clios, Lions, and a Grand EFFIE. Tangible (né Lakonic) grew globally and was recognized as one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the world, serving as agency-of-record for many cool brands, including MTV, Pitchfork, and T-Mobile.

Merrick, also a former amateur boxer (that will be relevant shortly), abruptly retired at the peak of his career when — BAM! — he was diagnosed with a then-incurable heart condition. (See?)

Faced with a 1% chance of survival, he devoted his time and resources to mentoring young entrepreneurs, angel investing, researching startup founder health, writing his memoirs, and waiting for science.

An experimental surgery saved Merrick’s life.

Now cured, Merrick is dedicating his life to the only thing that saved it.

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