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Amy Shira Teitel

Spaceflight Historian, Author, Broad Spectrum Host

Eric Logan

Cannabis Investor, Stage IV Patient, Higher Education Host

We make astronomers stars.

Passionate, verified, and even some Emmy-winning experts from all around the not-flat globe. Subject matter experts from NASA, academia, music, advertising, tech startups, and your favorite brands.

Geoff Notkin
Meteorite Specialist
Sophia Nasr
Dr. Constantine Tsang
Space Scientist
Czarina Salido
STEM Outreach Specialist
Tim Dodd
Everyday Astronaut, Photographer
Francis French
San Diego Air & Space Museum
Ratnanjali Adhar
Geographer, Wildlife Biologist
Dale Bloom
Big Data Analyst in Financial Markets Misconduct
Tanya Harrison
Dr. Tanya Harrison
Professional Martian, Researcher at ASU
Christopher “chuie” Huie-Spence
Aerospace Engineer, Spaceships and Rotorcraft
Scott Manley
Internet Rocket Scientist, Hacker
Becci Owens
Dr. Becci Owens
Evolutionary Psychologist, Lecturer
Yves Bergquist
Yves Bergquist
AI & Neuroscience at USC
Dr. Sophie Hodgetts
Dr. Sophie Hodgetts
Cognitive Neuroscientist, Psychology Lecturer
Geoff Nunn
Geoff Nunn
Space Curator, The Museum of Flight
TBA Expert
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  • I've always loved the idea of making our research more accessible and palatable to the general public — it's our duty as scientists to do that and this platform allows me to do that effectively.
    Constantine Tsang, Ph.D.
    Space Scientist, Researcher
  • We’re so overdue for a science network that puts the real, diverse voice on the front line. Megafonzie is finally changing that landscape.
    Amy Shira Teitel
    Spaceflight Historian
  • Reality TV is filled with psychology. Our shows expose anthropology. That's smart entertainment.
    Megafonzie CEO
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